'Burning Man Canceled...What's your Plan B?'

Art Bike Relief

Playa Bikes for Sustainable Impact

2021: American Dream 2.0
(Cars, Big Front Lawns and Free..dom)

Although the Burning Man has decided not to formally organize The Burn, the Bureau of Land Management has confirmed that the Black Rock Desert will be open for dispersed camping! They however, have just made the announcement that SRP’s will not be given. So you’ll be able to pick up your bikes just off playa or you can join our camp.

2021 Impact Projects

Our mission is to make ethical inclusive impact economically, environmentaly and socially. We have been supporting sustainable community projects since our inception. To date our efforts and funding has all been donated to Nepal where the average monthly salary is in the ball park of $125/month. We find or develop incredible projects and people and support their efforts to make economic and environmental impact.

To date we have funded and incubated a sustainability lab, a social wealth collective, a community recycling mini-factory and a media lab all have to been funded because of our efforts and your support to utilize bikes as circularly and inclusivlely as possible.

2021 Year of The Free Bikes and E-Bikes


This year e-bikes are going to be the thing. Everyone’s personal playa transportation solutions. With freedom to travel the entire length of the playa and surroundings; e-bikes are surely going to add a whole new dimension to this years burn. We are all super excited to be able to explore the desert in a whole new way. Remember…Safety Third (except on motorized vehicles)

2021 Year of the E-bike! 

These bikes travel around 20 miles an hour and have a range of about 35miles on electric only power 35-50 miles with peddle assist. Batteries take around 5-6 hours to fully charge.  You can visit us to exchange batteries every couple of days. 

Safety Third….Ok, so actually that is not the motto e-bike riders or any other operator of potentially lethal machines should abide by.   Just like driving a car, the safety implications for the community and yourself should be your number one concern. Stay lit and don’t be a darkwad. This year with cars on playa it’s going to be way more important to be lit up like the Man. 

Need a bike? We are piloting a small bike share program in limited numbers to see if it’s economically feasible model for future years. Sign up today! 

With the yellow bike project not available for appointments this year we have decided to step up and create a bike share program. We have got a special project for 2021 only. 

Unfortunately, the Yellow Bike’s rules can’t apply simply because the desert is too vast to allow for bikes to be abandoned anywhere and everywhere. The thought of having to scour the entire Black Rock Desert for 500+ orphaned bikes would prove impossible. In addition to that the costs associated with the insurance, repair, storage, transport and playa resto efforts all have real dollar costs. That’s why we have decided to make two requirements for our 2021 bike share program.

1. Sustainable Participation Requirements

All bike share participants are required to volunteer two or more hours of their time on playa making a sustainable impact doing whatever they want mooping, recycling, cleaning up shit or helping with someone elses problem. Everyone also needs to share their stories in a digital medium(text, photos, videos, etc). You can volunteer doing anything you want that is related to playa restoration or civic duty. 

After we have recovered from winterizing the fleet and processing returns we’ll get to assembling all of your stories and share a picture of how we each are a pixel of the big difference in simple efforts in the lives of our fellow burners, communities and our home The Black Rock Desert.

We have some suggested things you can do to help this year’s sustainability challenges such as mooping the highway on your way home, scouring the neighboring sand dunes,  cleaning up playa puddles or other things. Check out our sister camp. www.sustainability.camp for some ways you can keep the playa clean this year!

2. Secuirty Deposit: $200  

The two main reasons for holding a security deposit is that it helps DRAMATICALLY with the percentage of bikes that are returned so we don’t have hundreds of moop bikes and the second is that those few souls that got way to drunk and lost their bike chasing rabbits down playa holes will help us cover the overhead associated with the repair, storage and maintenance of the fleet. 

We want bikes to be available for everyone economically. If a security deposit is outside of your budget requirement by volunteering with us for a day cranking wrenches you can earn your bike. Send us an email to info@thecyrcle.org and we can get you all signed up.

Don’t feel like spending volunteer hours at helping out. We have a $75 rentals and a $150 deposit. 

Bike Accessories

$100 off for early reservations until June 20th

All rentals are available for pickup August 15th or later.

*2021 Refund Policy*

Cancelations: Cancel before 14 days before your reservation for a full refund, except e-bikes. E-bike rentals will forfeit their deposits and their refunds will be will be processed by September 10th. Cancellations 13 days or less before the reservation will forfeit their deposits. 7 days or less and you will be charged the full rent or deposit.


We are a non-profit collective dedicated to build a more radically inclusive burn, sustainable future, philanthropic capitalism and more sustainable planet. We are a collectively owned entity working towards a green inclusive future. 

Bikes are hard for all the car poolers and pond hoppers. They also create a huge waste problem for the playa. That’s why we exist. This year will be our last year providing bikes and trailers on playa. Last burn we picked up and transported over one and half thousand bikes from the desert.

Past Projects: The Cyrcle, The Sustainability Lab and More

Over the past 5 years we have come a long way. We have tried new things, accomplished really cool things and failed hard a few times. We have supported the creation of a collectively owned non-profit sustainability lab, a social incubator called The Cyrcle, built Covid apps, run incubation programs, setup recycling programs, co-created circular businesses and more. If you would like to know more or get involved contribute or have your own sustainable project; fill out the contact form below to start co-creating a sustainable future. 


Need a trailer for 2021’s Renegade Burn? We have got three up for grabs this year and are offering a huge discount off our first rental of the season.

All trailers include: A full tank of water, 1 propane tank, clean sheets/pillows, basic kitchen utencils, refrigerator, shower, toilet, stove, bikes and AC units. You must provide your own electrical source. 

We do have additional accesories including generators, tables and chairs. We will be providing biogas toilets upon request.

(Prices reflect discount and will be set the normal amounts of: Sandpiper=$5000, Mallard $3250, Grey Wolf $5500.)

Contact Us:

What’s up, how can we help? Need something urgent, give us a call at +1 415-697-2759 US or +977 9803474449 (Nepal) or feel free to send us an email.

Our mailing address in the US is:

The Global Art Collective 501(c)3

280 Northway Rd Ext

Linden, PA 17744