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For some, Burning Man bike rentals are the only way to go. Bicycles are the most common means of transportation on that dusty desert lake bed. With nearly 100 kilometers of streets and 12 square kilometers of city, Black Rock City is the third largest city in the state of Nevada.  Only thousands of art cars and vehicles required for infrastructure are allowed to allowed to navigate around the desert at 5 mph.  This makes bikes the #1 way to get yourself around the Burning Man Event.

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There are lots of reason to use Burning Man bike rentals. Maybe you’re flying in from abroad. Or maybe you don’t have a way to purchase and transport a bike to the playa. Maybe your car has so many tutu’s there’s no room. Perhaps your personal bike is your baby and should be protected from the notoriously harsh desert climate. Maybe you don’t want to give your money to some lame ass company like Walmart.

Whatever your reasons may be, Burning Man bike rentals earn participants there self-sufficient transportation badge.

(It is important to know that the Burning Man Organization doesn’t rent bikes and we although they have supported our efforts abroad through a grant we are not affiliated with the Burning Man Organization.)

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Pricing for Burning Man bike rentals varies from as low as $90 if you pick it up in Reno Nevada. However if you want Burning Man bike rentals to be picked up and delivered to you at your camp during the event the lowest cost is $350. The most popular and affordable option for pickup from a bike rental camp during the event costs $150. Check out our comparison list of Burning Man bike rentals below for links and pricing.

Burning Man Bike Rentals: Price by Pickup Location

Reno Pickup 90$
Pickup at Burning Man 195$
Airport Delivery 295$
Your Camp Delivery 395$
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One thing to consider when renting a bike for Burning Man is where you are going to pick up your bike. There are four main delivery/pickup options to select from. Starting from the cheapest option: Reno, Burning Man, Burning Man Airport, or at your personal camp. Check out the table below to see a complete list of rental companies and what they each have to offer.

The main determining factor driving the pricing of rental bikes is the pick up/delivery options. Imagine the logistics behind getting bikes to a specific camp at Burning Man with playa transportation being limited.

For someone flying in from Europe or catching a bus from San Francisco. Having a bike delivered to a specific location might be a must. Your first time at Burning Man can be a bit overwhelming….to say the least. Having to travel to the other side of this carnival metropolis.

There are two companies that offer delivery to the airport. Playa Bike Repair and us, Art Bike Relief. However, we are the only option that will deliver your bike and pick it up from a location you specify. So, you can be sure that your bike is there when you first arrive.

[vcex_heading text=”Comparison List of Services/Companies/Prices” tag=”h2″ text_align=”center”]
CompanyPickup at PlayaBurning Airport PickupCamp DropoffReno PickupTall BikesBasic Lights and Lock IncludedBike Art KitsNon-Profit Organization
Art Bike Relief$195$250$350YesYesYesYes
Playa Bike Repair$225$300
Hammer and Cyclery$175 (no light or lock)+$36.95
Black Rock Bicycles$100+$39.95
BM Bike Rentals$90
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Accessories: Lights, Lock, Art Supplies It’s a big dark desert out there with giant art cars, bus sized dragons, and speed hungry desert bicycle riders. The chances of having your bike run over or worse you getting injured have caused the creation of a negative term, called a “darkwad” a person in Black Rock City at night without lights. Bikes get stolen out there in the desert making locks a must have. But for most people, having a sweet ass bike they souped up themselves and cruising the playa in style is one of the sweetest experiences a burner can have. The rapturous event of riding a bicycle through Black Rock City can create a new life long love affair for your common two wheeled steel desert camels.

A real burner bike is not defined by it’s brand or model. Everyone will tell you that it is the art and the decorations that make the best burner bikes. Most of the companies renting bikes for Burning Man, do not allow you to paint, or tape, or physically alter your bikes in any way. There is one exception. Us!

We offer one type of rental, that you can paint, weld, drill holes in,weld new handlebars, and more. All you need to do is purchase one of the art kits and get to town. At our camp you can come weld, drill, scrape, scratch and whatever your crazy mind can come up with. Just nothing to damage the structural integrity of the bike.

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There are three main categories of Burning Man Bike Rentals. Within these categories you will find a mix of mostly cruisers or mountain bikes. For on Playa pickup or delivery, you will often arrive at the Bike Rental Camp, like Playa Bike Repair, and pick out your bike from whatever they have left in stock.

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  • Blank Bikes: These are bikes you are free to paint, weld, drill, and alter in anyway you see fit, providing they don’t damage the bikes structural integrity.
  • Regular Bikes: These are your typical rental bikes, nothing special. The difference between these bikes an the blanks is that you will be charged if your bike gets changed
  • Freak Bikes: These are the Burning Man bike rentals dreams are made of. Tall bikes are one of the rentals we at Art Bike Relief, but one of our custom freak bike makers can help you create the freak bike of your dreams.


[vcex_heading text=”Links to the different Burning Man Bike Rentals Available. ” tag=”h2″ responsive_text=”true” font_size=”40″][vcex_bullets unique_id=”Three Types of Burning Man Bike Rentals”]

  1. Art Bike Relief
  2. BM Bike Rentals
  3. Playa Bike Repair
  4. Hammer and Cyclery
  5. Black Rock Bicycles


[vcex_heading text=”Burning Man Bike Rentals: Who Does Your Money Feed? ” tag=”h2″ responsive_text=”true” font_size=”40″]

Burning Man is not about money….One of it’s major principles is de-commodifaction, 

During the event selling stuff or advertising a product or company is not allowed.  The thing about it is though, Burners spend millions of dollars every year at Walmart gearing up for Burning Man.

Where your money goes matters. What happens with our money once we give it to someone else is what shapes the future. Burning Man is a not for profit organization and so are a couple of Burning Man bike rental companies, like us.

By renting from our non-profit organization you can know that you are supporting people or causes that you love. The Reno Bike Project and Kiwanis sell bikes for burning in Reno, but we are the only non-profit rental project. When you rent from us, you are enabling people from impoverished disaster zones heal and grow all over the world while promoting Burning Man. So make sure to check these amazing organizations making an impact in communities you choose.

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It’s important to know that the Burning Man Organization doesn’t offer Bike Rentals for Burning Man.  They do something one step cooler. With help from ticket sales, they have a free bike library program of over 2k bikes. The Yellow Bike program provides green bikes.(yes, it’s true, Yellow Bikes are green).

If you see one you can ride it, unless someone else is riding it of course. When your done simply place it on a rack or on the ground wherever you are. There are a couple of rules like: Pant’s are required because of risk of STD transmission, hiding the bikes in your camp is a “no no,” and no decorating them to be unrecognizable.

The thing about these bicycles is that they can be hard to find making them an unreliable and non-self reliant way to do personal transportation around Burning Man.