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Our Gifts To The Playa

Objective: Sustainability and Access

We have a couple of objectives on playa, but our main MO is sustainability. From collecting bikes and lumber after the event and providing them to burners for personal or project use to sharing our resources with art projects, we believe in access to transportation and resources for art.

Free Bikes

We provide free bikes to burners who win the Free Bike Lottery. Having a bike at Burning Man should be a possibility for everyone. And although the thought of fixing and repairing 80,000 bicycles is extremely tempting doing it for free is impossible. So, we feel obligated to give back. Each year hundreds of folks donate their bike to your cause. And we are happy to pass it on. How does it work??? Forms of course. Fill this ONE out.

Bike Repair

Ever had a flat at the other end of the city? It sucks, we know. However, no stress if you are ever in our neighborhood and need a new bike tube, seat, tire, pedals or anything other bike thing. We don't have wacky wild flailing arm men, but we will pretend if that's what it takes.  We got all the lube your steel stallion could ever need. Want to learn a thing or two about fixing bikes? Visit the Soup Kitchen on playa if you ever need anything bike related.

Bike Drop Off

In case no one told you, every year thousands of bicycles are found depressed and crying in the desert alone. Somewhere along the way, they were separated from their loving companion. We provide a place for you to drop of your bikes after the burn. A responsible self reliant way to dispose of your bike in an ethical way. It is stealing to pick up bikes off the playa before, during or after the event unless they are yours. we accept donations at our camp of bikes you no longer need.

Playa Pony Roundup

We also help with the mooped bike problem. With thousands of bikes littered on the desert after Burning Man, our crew likes to take the truck and trailer out to collect bikes for the BMorg. This year we worked with the organization's bike camp and picked up over 300 bicycles that we delivered to the Burning Man bike crew to be donated to local charities.

Bike Art

Not only do we add art to the playa, we give artists from disaster zones and developing countries grants to come use our plethora of playa bikes to make art, frankenbikes, and add to the participation and aesthetic of the event. We also provide the tools for participants to come make art out of our bikes. We got piles of bikes, tubes, and tires just waiting for you to shape these once forgotten bikes into something new.

Build A Bike

We are all out of free ones and you still don't have a bike? Don't worry we have a bike salvage yard. All participants are allowed to come pick from our pile of bike parts, broke bikes and past stories of bike failure in order to make a whole bike for themselves. Our crew can share with you the knowledge and skills required to put together your own bicycle from the wreckage of past burns.

Salvage Yard

Not only do we accept donations of bicycles, we also collect wood and lumber people are throwing away. If you are an artists or camp and in need of a sheet of plywood, we got you covered. Need some 2x4's to stabilize your wonky shower situation? Come on by and take from our free salvage yard. We collect the wood because we think that someone next year might find a good use for it.