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Global Impact

Sustainable Economic Sufficiency

No matter where you are in the world, one of the most common things people ask for is economic sufficiency. We create sustainable business that employee people, fund innovation, and help people gain the economic opportunity to be self determined, expressed, and reliant.

The Ignition Lab

We are supporting a Fab Lab/Makerspace in Kathmandu Nepal, called the Ignition Lab. Located in Tribhuvan University's Engineer Campus, Nepal's oldest and largest university, we support the university in bringing in a spirit of innovation to the public education system in Nepal. We provide tools, machines, and management to the Ignition Lab in order to create a space with open access to new technologies and a game changing culture. We incubate new businesses coming out of the Lab. In fact our first order for 2,000 bike lights is going to some young Nepali entrepreneurs we have been incubating. This is the lab to experiment with technology, develop new business models, and cultivate a culture of people who think they can change the world.

Sustainable Bike Lights

3 birds one stone. Last year we purchased over 1500 bike lights manufactured in China because there are no sustainable bike light companies. It was lame and depressing to purchase all of that junk. So we decided to create our own and have them manufactured by a homeless encampment in Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal. We are providing the machinery, training, and the first order of 2000+ bicycle lights. The final design will be released at the end of March and available to purchase by the end of April.  A sustainable bike light, economic empowerment, and plastic cleanup/recovery all rolled into one project.

Brick Project

Major disasters in developing countries create additional challenges for developing countries. The primary challenge is still the same though, a lack of economic opportunity, resources, and money. When the millions of dollars of aid money comes pouring in it often goes into the hands a few. For bricks; it is distributed into a small group of brick makers' bank accounts. The Brick Project isn't to provide a better solution. It establishes local compressed stabilized earth brick manufacturers in disaster zones to supply demand for building materials, provide good paying jobs, capture recovery funds in local communities, and promote sustainable construction options. We believe that capitalism is a tool, neither good nor bad. That we can build communities with it by solving social challenges and generating revenue for the economic prosperity of everyone. Virtuous capitalism is not a dream its waiting for you to make it.