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Who Can Help?

We can use all kinds of brain and muscle. There are both year round and short term opportunities to participate at Burning Man, abroad, or from your computer. Help us create sustainable art, repair bikes, and create circular businesses to aid communities devastated by disaster.

What You Get…..

We have tickets available for a limited number of volunteer positions. Fill out the volunteer form and we will get back to schedule an interview with you. Keep in mind the volunteer form is ONLY for people who can spend time before and after the event. We also offer food and accommodation to all of our volunteers. We have additional benefits for expertise and longer time commitments such as travel reimbursement, and stipends.

3 Ways To Participate

How To Start

First, fill out the registration form below. We’ll contact you and schedule an interview after we go over your application. After the interview we’ll place you on your crew and you can start preparing for your trip to the Burn.