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Burning Man Bike Rentals: Art Bike Relief Logo

The Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen is where you can come to on playa to soup up your bike.  Yes……We have 3d printed unicorn horns for your sparkle pony needs or spray paint it black for all you darkwads. We are located at 5:45 and J.


If your mode of transportation is lacking the proper attire it needs to fit in at Burning Man, then stop by The Soup Kitchen to soup up your bike.

Bike Repair

Do you need some lube to help your steel stallion properly perform on playa?  Is your life in danger from a whole in your rubber tube? Don’t worry we can help your two wheeled playa chariot perform better and patch you up when you need it.


We can’t stress how vital shenanigans are to our way of life. Whether it’s bicycle jousting, bicycle heckling, bicycle bar crawls, or bicycle polo with weedwackers, we are in.


We are a community of makers, bicycle freaks, party animals, humanitarian makers, nerds, and artists who are coming together in the desert to burn. Come in for a visit and check out what we are up to.


Sure we may make fun of your mankini tendencies, but you deserve it. If your in a pinch we’ll fix your bike or if you are in a disaster we’ll rebuild your home and give you shelter.

Real World

Our camp was initiated because we want to make in impact in the real world.  You can donate your bikes, old computers (working), and other donations we can utilize in disaster zones.

Here is how our camp works and how it’s going to make an impact abroad. Our campers/volunteers pay camp dues just like most other theme camps. These funds help us buy shade, a large trailer mounted 25kva generator, 3000 gallon water tank, showers, and other materials. In the off season, we have performed tool and technology drives to collect over 20k worth of tools and technology we will be bringing to the playa for people to utilize pimping and repairing their bikes. Our bike rentals pay for containers, shipping and the initial 3 months of operation in a new disaster zone. If our fundraising efforts go well, of course. All of the shade, tools, generator, water tank, and 50 of our best bikes will be cleaned, packed, and shipped to new a disaster zone that will help rebuild a village in a developing country.

Looking to join a camp for the 2019 Burn? Does the aroma of art at the Soup Kitchen call you?  First read over the camp resources here and check out the camp activities to see if The Soup Kitchen is right for you. If you like what you read, go ahead and fill out the registration form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


(click the link to learn about our work in other countries.)

Want To Get Involved? Have questions about the way it works? Simply fill out this contact form and we will get right back to you! Got some feedback on how we could do better, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. If you need to call us immediately, feel free at +1 415-697-2759.