Get Involved In Holistica Projects On Playa And Of

Global Initiatives

We provide support for local non-profit organizations and social enterprises working to create a more sustainable futures. To date we have establish two sustainability labs, built two sustainable buildings, a recycled plastic mini-factory, have distributed over $160,000 to non-profits, developed a learning platform, support young sustainable entrepreneurs and more in Nepal. Come join us in Nepal to make a sustainable impact!  

Playa Projects

Our main objective on playa is to collect waste. We believe that just like our notions of good and bad, waste is really just an idea. Waste is only waste if you don’t know how to use it.  We have been collecting bikes for three years and generate revenue ciruclarly. for investmentWe collect asdiscarded lumber and building materials for art and sustainable building. We collect leftover non-perishables for distribution to local non-profits. 2021 brings a two new pilot projects. One for human waste and the other makes hexayurts out of the waste of Burning Man. 

Get Involved

Join our collective effort on Playa or off.  Camp with us, volunteer with us, co-create with us. Fill out this form and we’ll schedule an interview and get you plugged in.