Booyah Art Kit


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Booyah Art Kit: The Booyah, is “Bam!”, “In your face”, “Hell Yeah”, all at the same time, that stirs up a burning combination of 3 lighting accessories, 3 cans of spray paint, 2 Accoutrements from the Soup Kitchen, Materials, and 1 oddity. Just the right combination of ingredients to pimp your playa pony proudly. Pick up your kit at our camp. Pimp your bike, pimp your tent, pimp your neighbor.


  1. Lighting: El-wire, fairy lights, spoke lights, or el-tape, we have got all the blinky you need to do Burning Man Right! Don’t be a darkwad.
  2. Spray Paint: We have an assortment of colors from the standards to some specialty paints like metallic or glow-in-the-dark.
  3. Accoutrements: You know baskets and horns, to handlebar tassels and playa cup holders. Materials: Think pvc pipe, cloth, cardboard, glue, duck tape, super glue, and of course pink fur.Soup Up your bike the right way.
  4. Oddities: Stuffed animals, golf clubs, unicorn horns, and doll heads for the macabre crew.