Free Bike Program



Decommodification….meet the real world. Join our free bike share cooperative to reserve your bike for Burning Man.


1. Donate two or more hours of your time helping with something sustainable on Playa.
2. Document your experience with either text, photo, video, or audio to compile and share with the community.
3. $200 Deposit


1. Bikes are available for pickup in Reno 1 week before the event.
2. Bikes can be returned to a centralized drop of location on playa or in Reno.
3. Refunds will be granted in the event is cancelled or if you cancel before August 15th.
4. Deposits will be returned after the bike has been returned AND you have submitted your experience to archive and share with the burner community.

*We have some used bike likes and accesories available for free, however they are a use at your own risk. Bike loss occurs at Burning Man regularly and it pays to have a good lock and key identifying features so you can ensure your bike.