Renegade Burn 2001 Sandpiper T-37 Trailer Rental (1week)




$3500 (What’s included: Delivery, 3 services (water/waste pump), generator (20 Amp breakers), extra AC Unit, bedding, propane tanks, dishes/plates/cooking utencils, folding table, outdoor lights, chairs, emt shade structure, outdoor grill, post cleaning and tank dumping.)

$500 (Fully Refundable Deposit)

$250 (Service/Delivery)

Total: $4250

Already Paid: $1300

Amount Due: $2950


Conditions:  All rentals after August 1st are non-refundable. If you cannot make it you may sublease your rental/services. You are responsible for any damage to the trailer as a result of misuse or neglect  from you or your subletters. Renters/subletters cannot walk or climb onto the roof. Pet’s are ok, pet damage is not. You will need to confirm the day of deliver atleast two days before your arrival. You will meet one of our crew at the Midian Ranch and we’ll follow you out to drop the trailer where you would like it. We’ll go over all the details of the trailer and provide a brief orientation to the trailer upon delivery. The trailer may not be moved by anyone else without prior permission. By paying for this you agree to these terms and conditions.