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[vcex_heading text=”Art Bike Makerspace” tag=”h2″ text_align=”center” color=”#fccf18″]

Operated by our campers, bike mechanics, and freak bike makers that can service approximately 500 bikes per day.

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We offer talks, panel discussions, and workshops centered around the maker movement, disaster recovery, art in disaster zones, and more.

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We enable participants to convert damaged unusable bikes we collected last year and are working on an installation piece, called the “Bike Graveyard.”

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At the end of the event, we help Burning Man collect the good, the bad, and the ugly bikes. We take them all, good or bad.

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Open 10am-8pm Sunday-Sunday.

Our camp’s main offering to the city is our on playa makerspace dedicated pimping playa bikes and making art from the destroyed bikes of Burning Man’s in order to make an impact in disaster zones. Our Maker space is a shipping container and work tent equipped with welding equipment, drill presses, wrenches, hammers, bike tools, work tables, generators, bike stands, painting booth for moopless spray painting, and moop conscious materials for people to pimp and repair their bikes. Our makerspace is equipped and staffed to handle 15 bikes at time on our stands. If each participant takes 20 minutes on their bikes, we can serve 450 bikes per day at the event.

The makerspace can also be used by participants to repair their flat tires, lube their chains, tighten their brakes, or whatever other bike repairs they need. We’ll have a 24/hour compressor with hoses enabling people to fill their tubes anytime they need. The makerspace will also be providing non-moopy materials including spray paint, pvc, el-wire, baskets, fur, and random accessories like doll heads and stuffed animals.

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Bike Pub Crawl: Recurring Event Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday .

This is a bike pub crawl Burning Man style. Our campers will take turns leading the group on adventures around playa to their favorite bars, hot spots, art pieces, and other places. Awards will be given for the best art bike, costumes, shenanigans, and heckling. If you are looking for a way to cruise the playa on your bike with a bunch freaks and freak bikes. Join us for Shenanigans!

Bike Jousting Tournament: Monday 4-8

What do you get when you add kid bikes, pool noodles, Renaissance Sports, Football helmets and mess of Burners? The 1st Annual Bike Jousting Tournament, that’s what. All burners welcome, all the time. During the event bike jousting gear is available for public use during our Makerspace. The winner of the tournament will be awarded the Lance of Champions and the first looser will receive the Lance of Shame. Setup in round robin format, the tournament will have judges to award additional prizes for best dress jouster, laziest jouster, and more.

Heckling Bike Brigade: Thursday 6-10

Learn Proper etiquette when harassing your strangers while joining our crew of handle bar hecklers. Together we will navigate around Black Rock City, to the most popular heckling hangouts and easy targets to get warmed up with before freestyle heckling around the city. Megaphones are required, only if you have one. Stage: We have a small stage we are building in our makerspace tent that will be a soapbox for art, technology, relief, collaborative economics, holistic/permaculture based recovery, and makerspaces in disaster zones. \

Arduino Lighting Workshop: Tuesday 1-6

Just like the Arduino workshops we offer in developing countries, we have 20 sets of arduinos that participants can learn and practice using arduinos for their led lighting needs. We will be covering the basic interface/coding, soldering, circuit testing, bred boards, and more.

Presentation and Discussion: Tuesday 6-7:30

Art in Impoverished Disaster Zones, By Matthew Rockwell of Disaster Hack Wednesday 6-7:30: Panel Discussion: Burner Principles in Disaster Zones.

Freak Bike Making Workshop: Wednesday 12-4

During this workshop we will be teaching some tips and tricks people can do to make their own freak bikes. Pimping ain’t easy, unless you are at the Soup Kitchen. We will have several fabricators building a tall bike and swing bike. Other topics covered: Lighting, Painting, and welding.

Innovative Architecture (Baxter Smith From Green School): Time TBD

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We will be accepting bike donations of all kinds. We aren’t like the other people collective bikes taking only the fine quality bikes they can profit from. We will be taking the trash bikes to simultaneously cleanup Black Rock City and have more materials for more art and more bikes. The good bikes we keep will either be kept for rentals next year, given to other non-profit, or sold as a lot to raise funds for disaster recovery. Last year was our first year collecting bikes, we had the intention of shipping them to a disaster zone, but when we found out it would be around the same price to buy new bicycles in disaster zones as it would be to ship them we decided we could do something better with these fine playa provided resources. As registered non-profit, we are proud to be transparent and have proven our work in different countries around the world. Visit Disaster Hack for more details.