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Here is how our camp works and how it’s going to make an impact abroad. Our campers/volunteers pay camp dues just like most other theme camps. These funds help us buy shade, generators, water tanks, showers, and camp operations. If our fundraising efforts are successful, the remaining are then used to ship a container with much needed equipment and emergency shelter to launch a long term recovery effort in recent disaster zone.  All of the shade, tools, generator, water tank, and 50 of our best bikes will be cleaned, packed, and shipped to new a disaster zone that will help rebuild a village in a developing country.

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To be a part of this social, economic, and humanitarian experience. First, read through the camp resources to see what the camp offers, check out our camp activities to see if our camp sounds like the kinda thing you want to be a part of. Then fill out the pre-registration form. We will contact you within 48 hours to setup up a Skype interview to see if you will be a good fit for camp. Our camp fees are $400 w/bike and $300/sans bike.

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By working collectively, The Soup Kitchen provides a lot of resources to our campers here and to beneficiaries of our fund raising efforts in disaster zones. For our campmates, we strive to create logistically comfortable event, so we can spend our collective time being present to participate in the immediacy Burning Man . We are a “high-participation” theme camp and disaster relief project, not a playa hotel for tourists.  With our efforts on the ground at Burning Man, we can make a difference in the lives of people in disaster zones in developing countries. Join us at Burning Man and abroad.

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We ask campmates to commit to working three four-hour shifts during the week. This includes monitoring the makerspace, helping burners soup up their bikes, making playa art, leading/monitoring events, leading bike pub crawls, bicycle delivery/pickup, bike donation camp, among other things. Everyone is also required to help with setup and teardown.  Some of us even start the preparations in the desert July. There are lots of roles to help with organizing the camp and relief work, logistics, and other internet type of stuff to ensure that this project is not only a success on playa, but around the world.

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That desert sun will transform your tent into an oven faster than you can milk an almond. Don’t worry, we got you covered on all sides ensuring that your personal playa domicile isn’t a personal playa sweat shop. In addition to camper shade, our private bar, dining area, and lounge area are also blocking that UV radiation from penetrating your epidermis.

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We bring in a commercial trailer mounted generator to serve the needs of our camp makerspace, kitchen,  lighting, and bar. We have 30 amp legs available for a limited number of RV’s and shared 1o amp circuits for tent campers. We do allow our campers blessed with RV’s to use their on-board generators and can supply you with the gas you need, however we do not allow stand alone generators in order to control our noise pollution and increase our energy efficiency.

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We provide a community kitchen you can use to prepare your food, wash your dishes, and grill your stuffs. Either join the Soup Kitchen’s Kitchen Coordinating List to self organize with all of us Souperians to manage all the logistics of your food needs or simply go solo. If you are interested in helping manage food stuffs, please make sure to include that in the Soup Kitchen Registration Survey.

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We have a private camp bar you and your friends can come serve yourself some playa cocktails, beer, and wine. Although we do provide some alcohol beverages, we suggest you practice some self-reliance and bring what you will need.

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We know how crucial it is to have a place of refuge at your Burning Man Camp. Adjacent to the bar area is a camp lounge. Here you can take a break from the relentless action of Burning Man, socialize with interesting people from around the world, nap away the afternoon hours, or just enjoy the softness and strangeness of a couch in the desert.

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We bring in several thousand gallons of fresh water to meet the needs of our kitchen, showers, and campers drinking water needs during the event. Fresh water is a valuable resource, so use sparingly for your showers.

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Yea, those several thousand gallons of fresh water has to go somewhere. We hire United Site Services for our fresh water needs and our grey water disposal, ensuring there are no grey water spills on playa, making it easy if you come by the Burner Express or Burner Air.

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We provide two shower stalls for all of us Souperians to clean the dust out of your playafied meat suit. There is nothing better than getting fresh after a dusty day. And besides that, no one likes the smell of a ripe burner gone feral. So, wash your junk every once in a while. We are a camp built upon the belief of sustainability, so never forget to conserve your water usage.

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Of course you get a loaner bike for the event, spray paint, bike pimping accessories, 24 hour access to the makerspace, leds and oddities to soup up your super playa bike.