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It’s important to know that the Burning Man Organization does not rent bicycles.  However, Burning Man does provide a free bike library of over 2k bikes, FOR FREE! The bikes Yellow Bikes (which are actually green) are found everywhere and are free to use. If you see one not in the possession of someone else just take it. There are a couple of principles, or “rules” that must be kept in mind.

  1. No Naked Bums: “Out of the the 26,000 new cases of herpes that are born at Burning Man 18,000 are from Yellow Bike Seats”
  2. No Stealing,Redecorating, Locking, Hiding Yellow Bikes.
  3. Lay it Down and Let It Go: Share these things.

Ballyhoo Betty and her crew from the Burning Man Organizations: Black Rock Community Transit Project spend a month in the desert doing an amazing job event repairing, cleaning up, and providing the bikes that they are not intended to be the sole source of 70,000 peoples transportation needs. You can check out their facebook page. One of the 10 Principles of Burning Man is Radical Self Reliance. That means, YOU, are responsible for your own transportation needs. For More Information On Yellow Bikes Check Out This Blog Post. 

(We are not affiliated to the Burning Man Organization, although they do support our efforts both here and in the form of past grants for humanitarian work.)


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